Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environmental Science Special Issue ...

Conference Special Issue - cross-journal web collection featuring work presented at IAP2018

Selected articles based on presentations made at the IAP2018 Conference will be published in three journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environmental Science series, i.e., Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology and Environmental Science: Nano. Authors will be encouraged to submit to the journal that is most appropriate for their paper based on its scope. All articles will be collated into a cross-journal web collection after publication. Information on how to apply to publish in a given journal, will be available during the conference.
Please note that all submissions will be subject to initial assessment by the Editors and subsequent peer review, as per the usual standards of the journals.
The deadline for submission of all manuscripts is 31st October, 2018.

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environmental Science journals offer comprehensive coverage of the latest high quality research in environmental science & engineering:

  • Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts (ESPI) -
    Led by Editor-in-Chief Kris McNeill (ETH Zurich) ESPI publishes work which advances our understanding of environmental chemistry in natural matrices.
  • Environmental Science: Nano -
    Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Peter Vikesland (Virginia Tech) Environmental Science: Nano publishes research on nanomaterial applications and interactions with environmental & biological systems.
  • Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology -
    Led by Editor-in-Chief David Cwiertny (University of Iowa) Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology publishes water research relevant to engineered systems and the built environment.

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