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Important Payment Information

 2 types of payment are possible. Note that during your registration process you will get all the necessary information to proceed (bank account information, address, orders ...)

    • Online Secured Credit Card Transaction - you will be automatically redirected to a secured Paybox page. After the payment you will receive two emails, one with the payment receipt, one with the corresponding invoice
    • Bank Transfer - you will receive an email with a pre-order including all necessary information for the bank transfer. Once your payment is validated, you will receive the corresponding invoice

Important:  if you have made a mistake during your registration and if you need to start over, be informed that you will need to use another email address, otherwise your address will produce a bounce and the system will automatically block it.

Online Registration

Registration and payment is a ONE step process.

- Please click on "registration link" corresponding to the IAP2018 on the CNRS platform available at the following link: CNRS portal link