Topics: Environmental concerns and Challenges ...


1) Mechanistic studies on the role played by (bio)interfaces and (bio)colloids in pollution control, (eco)dynamics of pollutants (e.g. sorption, transport, and transformations of nanoparticles, metals, micro/nanoplastics, pharmaceutical residues and other persistent organic pollutants), pollutant (bio)availability and (eco)toxicity

2) Fundamental research on equilibrium and non-equilibrium interfacial and colloidal phenomena and processes. Modelling across length scales: from atomistic simulations to global site models

3) Design and performance of innovative and environmentally-friendly engineered or bioinspired materials and systems, green processes for soil remediation and wastewater treatment

4) Multidisciplinary large-scale studies and field work

5) Improvement/development of methodological, analytical and/or instrumental techniques for analysis of (bio)interfaces and (bio)interfacial processes involved in pollutant dynamics, pollutant abatement, and (bio)remediation strategies (including synchrotron- and neutron-based studies, isotopic tools, etc.)

6) Perspectives in energy conversion/storage and environmental remediation