Next IAP2020 conference ...

Proposals to host the next IAP2020 conference

Conferences in the IAP conference series take place every 2 years. These conferences are planned and implemented by a local conference organizing committee. This committee will receive some basic support from the International Advisory Council (IAC) of the conference series.
Colleagues interested in organizing the next IAP2020 conference in 2020 are warmly invited to announce their candidature and present their plans at the upcoming IAP2018 meeting. The interested colleagues are kindly asked to first express their interest in organizing IAP2020 by emailing to the IAP chair & Co-chair (Jerome F.L. Duval & Michael Sander, and Candidates will then be contacted by the IAP chair and Co-chair and invited to give a brief 15-minutes presentation describing their plans to organize IAP2020 during the IAP-International Advisory Board meeting, which will be held at the IAP2018 Conference in June. The presentation will be followed by a short discussion in which the IAC members can ask specific questions concerning the proposal. Details on the location/room of the IAP-International Advisory Board meeting will be communicated to the applicants in due time.

In their presentation, candidates are kindly asked to address the following items:

  1. Local organizing committee and conference settings
  • A brief description of the proposed members of the local organizing committee and their professional activities and core research interests
  • A brief description of the institution(s) involved in organizing and hosting the IAP2020 conference, highlighting disciplines within the institution(s) that are connected to the larger themes and scopes of the IAP conference series
  • Proposal of major scientific themes of the IAP2020 conference
  • Approximate number of anticipated plenary and keynote speakers
  • Anticipated size of the conference and tentative dates
  1. Finances
  • Anticipated registration fees with some details on major costs that need to be covered
  • Plans to obtain financial support / attract sponsors
  • Plans to support/finance plenary and keynote speakers
  1. Conference site
  • An overview of the infrastructure at the proposed conference site
  • Description of transportation to and from the conference site, including air- and public transportation (plane, train and bus)
  • Description of accommodations at or near the conference site

The IAP chair & Co-chair are looking forward to your application!