Interfaces Against Pollution

La Grande Motte, France
10 - 13 June 2018

We are pleased to announce the 10th international conference “Interfaces Against Pollution” (IAP), which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the IAP conference series. This 2018 event is jointly organised by the University of Montpellier, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Montpellier National School of Chemistry (ENSCM), and the French Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA).
In line with the tradition established during the previous successful IAP conferences, the IAP2018 edition has the ambition to bring together international researchers who conduct impactful research that transcends disciplinary boundaries in addressing the key role played by (bio)interfaces and (bio)colloids in complex environmental processes and media. The strong interdisciplinary character of the IAP conference series is reflected in the diversity of research areas shared by the scientific delegates and presenters, including chemists, physicists, physical chemists, (bio)geochemists, and (micro)biologists in relation with environmental science and engineering in their broadest sense. The Scientific and Organising Committees of IAP2018 welcome fundamental and solution-oriented research contributions representing notable steps towards understanding and control of interfacial and colloidal processes operative in model, engineered, or natural systems, all of which are necessary to achieve a mechanistic evaluation of the action of soil, sediment, and aquatic environments or to develop environmental remediation technologies. More particularly, it is expected that one (or more) of the following research items be addressed when submitting contributed abstracts:

  • - Mechanistic studies on the role played by (bio)interfaces and (bio)colloids in pollution control, (eco)dynamics of pollutants (e.g. sorption, transport, and transformations of nanoparticles, metals, micro/nanoplastics, pharmaceutical residues and other persistent organic pollutants), pollutant (bio)availability and (eco)toxicity.
  • - Fundamental research on equilibrium and non-equilibrium interfacial and colloidal phenomena and processes. Modelling across length scales: from atomistic simulations to global site models.
  • - Design and performance of innovative and environmentally-friendly engineered or bioinspired materials and systems, green processes for soil remediation and wastewater treatment.
  • - Multidisciplinary large-scale studies and field work.
  • - Improvement/development of methodological, analytical and/or instrumental techniques for analysis of (bio)interfaces and (bio)interfacial processes involved in pollutant dynamics, pollutant abatement, and (bio)remediation strategies (including synchrotron- and neutron-based studies, isotopic tools, etc.).
  • - Perspectives in energy conversion/storage and environmental remediation.

The IAP2018 conference will be held in an attractive location in the South of France, within the Mediterranean region. The resort town of La Grande Motte offers access to outstanding natural areas for recreation and tourism. Among others, the regional park and nature reserve area of the Camargue and Petite Camargue located nearby are home to hundreds of bird species, and to wild horses and bulls. The situation of this territory, considered as one of the most natural and most protected areas in Europe, provides a good illustration of how fragile ecological equilibrium may be as a result of anthropogenic activities.
The conference is sponsored by the Occitanie region and other partners.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and meeting you in La Grande Motte to share in the success of the IAP2018 conference !

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IAP Conferences since 1997

The 10th International Conference on Interfaces against Pollution (IAP) in La Grande Motte continues the series of conferences initiated in Wageningen (The Netherlands, 1997), and followed by Miskolc (Hungary, 2002), Jülich (Germany, 2004), Granada (Spain, 2006), Kyoto (Japan, 2008), Beijing (China, 2010), Nancy (France, 2012), Leeuwarden (Netherlands, 2014), and most recently Lleida (Spain, 2016).