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American roulette free online game variants

Many people believe in luck, but gamblers are the most superstitious persons. They regularly spin different “Wheels of Fortune” hoping to win the main prize. The same refers to roulette, which is a kind of these “wheels”. Considering the fact that the sum of all roulette numbers equals 666, some players even endow this game with a kind of mysticism. Probably, this is the reason for American roulette free online game simulator popularity among certain players, although the majority of them use it just for fun or practice.

American roulette free online game practice

The World Net offers dozens of no download free American roulette games online. They can be opened directly in a browser (Flash games) or fount at internet casinos (Demo mode of roulette games) .

Compared to the European roulette variant that most of us are used to enjoying, there are only a few minor, but nonetheless significant factors that specify any American roulette. The number of its pockets is the main one. Instead of 37 different numbers on the table and wheel (16 black, 16 red, and 1 green zero), 38 pieces are presented. Besides, the American variant of this popular game has other peculiarities:

  1. There is thus an extra number, which is an additional green position represented by a double Zero (00). This affects the game in a couple of different ways. There is an additional insert option on the table called a basket that covers the five positions 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3;
  2. Another difference is that there are four betting options, which one can often find when playing any American roulette game online free. The extra Zero gives the wheel a different design that does not fit into these options;
  3. The third and final, the most crucial difference, is that the chances of winning in American roulette are significantly lower than in the European variant. This happens because the green position is the one that gives the house advantage in roulette and with an additional one, this advantage simply increases.

Practicing the game simulator for free, any player can check all these moments and decide whether he likes this game or not.

Live American Roulette

American roulette free online game can be played as a simulator, but it is always played for money in a live mode. The latter variant involves a real croupier, which makes the process more exciting.

This game is much more realistic and addictive than the standard online casino roulette. Here, not a machine but a professional dealer, who is located in a real casino with gambling tables will interact with a gambler. The whole game unfolds right in front of a player under his personal supervision.

Maximum comfort is not the only advantage of playing with a live dealer. The main advantage of it is the sense of security that a gamer gets from being able to control the game. He does not need to rely on a random number generator that is used to manage the outcome of standard online casino games.

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